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XSET (1.4)

The goal is to find the hidden > card < - you can reach up to 100 points
Every card has 3 properties: count (1,2,3), color (red,green,blue) and character (A,O,X)
With the next command a new card will appear in one of the lines 0:, 1: or 2:
The line means: the count of fitting properties of the shown card is equal with them of the hidden > card <
In the guess matrix you can select a card; with the command chk you can check this card
With the solve command you can show the hidden > card <
With the hint command you can show the count of possible cards
With the new command you can restart with a new hidden > card <

Fitting table: 0, 1 or 2 properties fit with the hidden >card< - press next for getting more cards


Guess matrix: first choose count, color and character of the hidden >card< - then press chk to check
disable a property by clicking it twice; reset your guess with the ? command




Karls Tiger

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